CIAN Recognitions

Michal Lipson named OSA Director for 2016-2018

Michal Lipson from Columbia University was named the OSA Director at Large for January 2016-December 2018. Read More...

Alan Wilner named OSA President for 2017

Alan Willner from University of Southern California was named the OSA President for the January 2016-December 2016 term and placed on the Board of Directors for the January 2017-December 2017 term. Read More...

Yeshaiahu Fainman wins Joseph Fraunhofer Award / Robert M. Burley Prize - 2017

Yeshaiahu Fainman received the  Joseph Fraunhofer Award and Robert M. Burley Prize for his research pioneering, seminal and wide-ranging contributions to nanoscale engineering linear and nonlinear optical materials and devices for optical information processing systems. 

Ming Wu wins C.E.K. Mees Medal - 2017

CEK Mees Medal

Ming Wu from University of California, Berkeley received the C.E.K. Mees Medal in recognition of the invention of “optoelectronic tweezers.” This invention enables the manipulation of individual biological cells using digital optical projectors.





OSC Professors Robert A. Norwood and Nasser Peyghambarian have been announced as finalists in the Innovator of the Year in Acadamia award as part of the 14th annual Governor's Celebration of Innovation. The Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Commerce Authority announced the individual winners, company award finalists, future innovators of the year and teacher of the year winners. The awards celebrate the visionaries of Arizona's technology ecosystem.

Norwood, along with fellow UA Professor Jeffrey Pyun, were chosen for their work with Novel Polymetric Materials. Peyghambarian was selected for his work with Holographic 3D Display and Telepresence. 




University of Arizona Professor of Optical Sciences Dr. Robert A. Norwood has been awarded $3.7 million dollars in two separate programs by the Department of Energy's Advance Research Programs Agency (ARPA-E) to make significant 

advances in the efficiency of both Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar (CSP) technologies. 

ARPA-E selects technology development projects based on their ability to enhance the nation’s economic and energy security. Successfully selected projects promise to help reduce energy-related emissions, improve energy efficiency in all economic sectors and ensure the United States maintains a technological advantage in developing and deploying advanced energy technologies.

"Dr. Norwood’s selection for two ARAPA-E projects is a testament to the outstanding value of his research in optics and photonics for the nation – but it also brings tremendous benefit to our students," notes Dean Thomas Koch, from the University’s College of Optical Sciences. "Dr. Norwood’s work exemplifies the vast contributions that Optical Sciences makes as an enabling technology for our future; in this case it is energy, but its impact ranges from national security to biomedicine, communications and entertainment technology." Click here to read more...


CIAN Graduates Take Prize at Collegiate Inventors Competition for Invention

At the Collegiate Inventors Competition on November 17th at the United States of Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, VA two UC Berkeley affiliates, Tae Joon Seok and Sangyoon Han, participated and received the bronze medal in the graduate division. Along with the bronze medal, Seok and Han received a cash prize of $10,000. They were advised by Professor Ming C. Wu of UC Berkeley and CIAN.



Sponsored by USPTO and the AbbVie Foundation, there were submissions from more than 100 universities around the United States. Seven teams were selected as finalists for the graduate division competition. At the final competition the seven finalists presented their work to inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Seok and Han presented their invention called SWAPS for Silicon Waveguide Array Photonic Switch. The project is also supported by CIAN. It is an optical switch device based on silicon photonics and MEMS technologies. SWAPS has an excellent scaling property compared to the currently used, silicon photonics based optical switches. 

Read the official press release.

Learn more about the winners.



CIAN Students Take Second Place in NYC Media Lab Summit

CIAN students at Columbia University, from the WiMNet lab of Dr. Gil Zussman, including Raphael Norwitz, Savvas Petridis, Craig Gutterman, and Varun Gupta recently took home the 2nd place prize (out of about 100 demonstrations) for the New York City Media Lab Summit.



Developed in collaboration with Dr. Yigal Bejerano from Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs their demonstration presented the Adaptive Multicast Services (AMuSe) system. According to the WiMNet website,


In a joint project of the WiMNet Lab and Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs we have been developing the AMuSe (Adaptive Multicast Services) system. AMuSe combines methods for collecting accurate feedback information with low overhead and for network adaptation (e.g., transmission rate) based on this feedback. Specifically, the system includes a scheme for dynamic selection of a subset of the multicast receivers as feedback nodes, which periodically send information, such as channel quality or received packet statistics, to the multicast sender. Moreover, it includes schemes for dynamic rate adaptation based on the collected feedback.


This system was implemented in the ORBIT testbed to evaluate its performance in large groups with 150 to 200 receivers.


CIAN students Raphael Norwitz and Savvas Petridis are also recent recipients of the CIAN Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Learn more and apply.




AMuSe Project Continues to Rise

After taking second place in the NYC Media Lab Summit for their project AMuSe (Adaptive Multicast Services) system Columbia graduates continue to garner attention and support for their initiatives.


Most recently the AMuSe project, led by CIAN students Varun Gupta and Craig Gutterman and CIAN professor Dr. Gil Zussman, was selected to participate in the NYC Media Lab Combine program. Faculty and students composing nine teams were selected from 60 applicants from New York City universities. Each team initially received a grant of $25,000 for the project. After which they were matched with industry members. The AMuSe project is collaborating with Dr. Yigal Bejerano from Bell Labs to develop the system for multimedia content delivery via Wi-Fi to large groups.

At the close of the program each team will pitch their concept to the NYC Media Lab corporate members on April 8th.

Learn more about the project and the AMuSe system’s place in the NYC Media Lab Summit in the following articles.

Combine Announcement

Columbia Engineering Announcement

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